(19 Nov 2019 - 19 Nov 2019)

Join Ace Starfield in saving the galaxy in this on-rails high-speed shooting game where are the rider of a lightning fast futuristic attack bike speeding down a winding futuristic highway filled with hazards, enemies and bosses that the you must avoid and defeat


Ranking Name Prize
1 Mohd Farhan Bin Hassin iPhone 11 (64GB)
2 Teoh Khay Sheng Samsung Galaxy A80 (128 GB)
3 Mohd Nazir Bin Basri Redmi Note 8 Pro (128GB)
4 Selamat Bin Abdul Rahim E-Voucher RM 500
5 Lee Jeng Xiang E-Voucher RM 500
6 Teoh Kiat Hin E-Voucher RM 500
7 Afidan Hidayat E-Voucher RM 500
8 Lee Song Jin E-Voucher RM 500