(20 Mar 2020 - 20 Mar 2020)

Ghosts has been spoilt in their freedom on earth and refuses to leave. Now they want to destroy a device so they can continue staying on Earth forever! Exorcise ghosts by drawing on your portable Ghost catching technology!


Ranking Name Prize
1 Mohd Farhan Bin Hassin E-Voucher RM 3000
2 Muhammad Zairaih Bin Mohd E-Voucher RM 2000
3 Teoh Khay Sheng E-Voucher RM 1000
4 Selamat Bin Abdul Rahim E-Voucher RM 700
5 Teoh Khay Yee E-Voucher RM 700
6 Lee Jeng Xiang E-Voucher RM 700
7 Muhammad Nasri Bin Basri E-Voucher RM 500
8 Jasmi Bin Erik E-Voucher RM 500
9 Lee Song Jin E-Voucher RM 500